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updated 4-May-2023

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Other Information

Below is third-party information that you may find useful.

Hawaiian Words, Phrases, and Dictionary

To see and hear Hawaiian words, and/or reference an English <-> Hawaiian dictionary, go to ...

Hawaiian Words submitted by Rich Carpenter, book suggestion from Michelle Manna

Named Buildings in Honolulu

If you need to find the address of a named building in Honolulu and see it on a map,

Option 1 go to

  1. either click on the map for the desired area or put your pointer over the "Neighborhoods" menu and click the desired area.
  2. click on the specific building for the address.


  1. put your pointer over the "Honolulu Condos" menu and click "Sort by Building".
  2. on the right under "Honolulu Condo Search", pick a specific building to find the address.
  3. to see that building on the map, just under the address in the first column, click the area link, e.g. "Waikiki West", "Makiki", etc.
  1. double-click "Honolulu Condos", then scroll or page down and select the desired building.


Option 2 go to

  1. scroll down to see the desired building, which might be on page 2 or 3.


What if the building is located outside the map area of

Option 3 go to or

  1. in the Search field enter the name of the building (e.g. Esplanade), Honolulu, HI and press the Enter key; e.g. Mount Terrace, Honolulu, HI

submitted by Rich Carpenter

Parking Locations in Waikiki

To see a list of parking locations in Waikiki, go to ...

Parking Locations in Waikiki

Many on this site are validated partially or fully by local restaurants/clubs; for example, Basalt validates parking at Hyatt Centric. International Market Place validates 4 hours with a $10 purchase (most people can pop into ABC Store on ground level to make the minimum purchase for parking validation), and the International Market Place now validates 4 hours of parking with a $30 purchase!

submitted by Michelle Manna

Annual Rainfall at a Specific Location

If you need to find out the amount of annual rainfall at a particular location,

  1. Go to
    Note that does _not_ provide address Latitude and Longitude data.
  2. In the Search box, enter the address that interests you, then press the Enter key
  3. In the address bar of the found location, drag your pointer to highlight the first set of two numbers after the @ sign; e.g. 21.281305,-157.8343581, as shown in the picture
  4. RainfallHawaiiLnLdata.jpg
  5. Simultaneously press the "Ctrl" and "c" keys to copy the L & L data


  1. Go to
  2. Click the Agree button
  3. In the lower left of the map next to "Units", click "in" (inches)
  4. In the lower left of the map next to "Show", click "RF Atlas Stations" to turn off
  5. In the lower left of the map next to "Show", click "Rainfall" to turn off
  6. Put your pointer over Oahu and drag it to the center of the screen
  7. On the left of the map drag the slider button up to zoom in on Oahu
  8. Repeat the above two steps until you have centered and zoomed into the approximate area of interest
  9. Click in the Location box, then simultaneously press the "Ctrl" and "v" keys to paste the L & L data
  10. Reduce each of the two values to 4 digits past the period; e.g 21.2813,-157.8343, then click the Go button

submitted by Rich Carpenter

Identifying Ships or Planes

If you can see ships or planes from where you live and wondered if there was a way that you could identify them, there is! Click the appropriate link below.

Ships: Click to see

Planes: Click to see

If you prefer, these functions are available as a phone app.

submitted by Kent Savage and Rich Carpenter

Video: How to get up from the floor (after a fall)

Click here to view video

submitted by Michelle Manna