Newsletter Input Forms

In order to eliminate errors, standardize information input, and reduce the workload on the Newsletter Editor, Board Members, please use one of the templates below to provide information about your upcoming event.

Click in the Rich Text Format column to save the file to your computer.
Open the downloaded file, fill out the form and email the form as an attachment to the NCH Newsletter Editor on the last Wednesday of the month.

In the event that you can't open the Rich Text Format file, click in the Plain Text column to open the file, then copy and paste the text into your email, edit the data and send to the Newsletter Editor.
  While this works, it creates a lot of work for the Newsletter Editor to format the information.

Sending a PDF of the event information is OK, but not desired because it creates a lot of work for the Newsletter Editor to format the information.
Sending a picture of the event information is not acceptable because all the information has to be retyped, which can introduce errors.

You can reuse the same form every month simply by editing the information. If you want to start with a new form, you can download the appropriate form each month; in which case, you should bookmark this page.

On the last Wednesday of the month, please fill in the form, save and email to the NCH Newsletter Editor.

Activity Rich Text Format (preferred) Plain Text
Aloha Coffee RTF AlohaCoffee_InputForm Text AlohaCoffee_InputForm
Book Bunch RTF BookBunch_InputForm Text BookBunch_InputForm
Luncheon-Traditional RTF Luncheon_InputForm Text Luncheon_InputForm
Luncheon Speaker RTF LuncheonSpeaker_InputForm Text LuncheonSpeaker_InputForm
Lunch Bunch-Casual RTF LunchBunch_InputForm Text LunchBunch_InputForm
Pa'ina Gathering RTF Pa'ina_InputForm Text Pa'ina_InputForm
Tour RTF Tour_InputForm Text Tour_InputForm